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Erişime Açık

Experiences on the use of complementary and alternative medicine in ındividuals diagnosed with COVID-19: A content analysis study


The aim of this study was to examine past experiences related to the use of the complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) during the disease process by individuals diagnosed with COVID-19. Content analysis method was used for data analysis. The study consisted of 21 patients diagnosed with COVID-19, who applied to a family health center. The data were collected using an individual information form and a semistructured interview form consisting of open-ended questions. All interviews were recorded with audio recording and transcribed. Three main themes related to the use of CAM by COVID-19 p ...Daha fazlası

Erişime Açık

Oxidative stress and antioxidant defence system


In the world where global warming is felt more and more every hour, environmental disasters occur due to the change in the ecological qualities of the aquatic environment. In the natural environment, pollutants pass into the body of living organisms through nutrients and environmental factors. Because of the nutrients and water used by aquatic organisms living in polluted waters for their vital functions, pollutants pass into the fish’s body through the digestive and respiratory systems and are generally kept in the adipose tissue

Erişime Açık

Determining the relationship between nursing students' alexithymia levels and submissive behavior and self-esteem


Aim: This study was conducted to examine the relationship between that nursing students’ alexithymia levels with submissive behavior and self-esteem. Methods: The population of the study consists of nursing students studying at Kilis 7 Aralık University. Its sample consists of 226 nursing students. The study was conducted between January - February 2021. Toronto Alexithymia Scale, Submissive Behaviors Scale and Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale were used for data. The data were evaluated in the SPSS 24.0 statistics program. In addition to descriptive statistics, Kruskal-Wallis, Mann-Whitney U and co ...Daha fazlası

Erişime Açık

Analysis of burnout levels of judo coaches in the covıd-19 Period: Mixed method


This study was carried out to find out the burnout levels of judo coaches in COVID-19 period and to show how they will approach their profession and athletes in the period after the pandemic. 136 judo coaches from different coaching levels participated in the study. Maslach Burnout Inventory was used in the study. In addition, 3 qualitative questions were prepared by the researchers to find out the emotions of coaches during and after the pandemic and how they approached their athletes. IBM SPSS 22 statistical program was used to analyze the data in the study. Since the data were not normally ...Daha fazlası

Süreli Ambargo

Effect of plant addition and ripening on total phenol content, antioxidant capacity, volatile compounds and sensory properties of kashar cheese

Tuğba KILIÇ | Gülcan KOYUNCU

In this study, the effects of the ripening process and fruit powder addition on the physical, chemical, total phenolic content, antioxidant capacity, volatile compounds, and sensory properties of Kashar cheese were determined. Total phenol content, antioxidant capacity, volatile compounds, and fatty acid esters were determined by Folin Ciocalteu, DPPH, SPME, and GC-MS, GC-FID, respectively. Of the 27 fatty acids identified in cheeses, palmitic, oleic, myristic, and stearic acids were found to have the highest ratios, respectively. While the total amount of phenol substance was 144.44 mg GAE/L ...Daha fazlası

Erişime Açık

Paperless technologies in universities: Examination in terms of unified theory of acceptance and use of technology (UTAUT)


This study aims to determine the factors affecting the use of paperless technologies by uni-versity office staff and academicians. The study sample comprised 726 academics and administrativestaff from 10 public and 3 foundation higher education institutions in Turkey. Care was taken toensure that the selected universities had switched to paperless processes or that work was largelyconducted through digital tools. When the path analysis results were examined, it was determinedthat performance expectation, effort expectation, and social impact positively affected the intentionto use paperless te ...Daha fazlası

Erişime Açık

Effects of different cooking methods on the formation of heterocyclic aromatic amines in goose meat


Heterocyclic aromatic amines (HCAs) are mutagenic and/or carcinogenic compounds formed naturally during cooking of proteinaceous food such as meat and fish. In the present study, the effect of seven cooking methods (boiling, grilling, pan-frying without fat or oil, pan-frying with oil, deep fat frying, oven and microwave) on the formation of HCAs in goose breast and leg meats was evaluated. Varying levels of 2-amino-3-methylimidazo[4,5-f]quinoline (up to 2.42 ng/g), 2-amino-3-methylimidazo[4,5-f]quinoxaline (up to 0.08 ng/g), 2-amino-3,4-dimethylimidazo[4,5-f]quinoline (up to 0.21 ng/g), 2-ami ...Daha fazlası

Erişime Açık

Current issues in tourism and hospitality management


Organizational green behavior in tourism enterprises başlıklı kitap bölümüdür.

Erişime Açık

Study of helical antenna as a bone fracture sensor


Bone fracture is one of the most commonly seen health problems. In this study, it is aimed to detect bone fracture using a helical antenna placed without any contact with the bone. The basic idea of the study, which was carried out with a finger-type bone, is to observe the changes in the scattering parameters expressing the ratio of incident and reflected electromagnetic waves. The analysis of the system showed that the scattering parameters and the operating frequencies with broken and intact biological structures are different from each other. Besides, the operating frequency of the system ...Daha fazlası

Erişime Açık

Current issues in tourism and hospitality management


Sustainable gastronomy tourism with geographical indications başlıklı kitap bölümüdür.

Erişime Açık

Interpretive research humanities and social sciences

Melda AKBABA | Melih AYDIN

Importance of events and festivals in creating destination image hakkında kitap bölümüdür.

Erişime Açık

An EFL coursebook evaluation through the lens of preparatory school instructors

Reşit KÖSE

This study aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of the English File series as a coursebook material for university preparatory school students in an EFL context. The study gathered data through a triangulation of data collection procedures, comprising questionnaires and interviews with preparatory school instructors. Results revealed that the series was highly suitable for university students with the purpose of general English proficiency. The study also proposed some areas of improvement, such as the integration of contemporary topics, the delivery of grammar points and vocabulary exercises i ...Daha fazlası

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